Book is Here!

So the book is here! Yay! Now I can start.

Wow the package is a bit big for just one book isn’t it? Maybe it’s just the bubble wrap. 

Guess what? It wasn’t the bubble wrap. Oh not at all. It’s all book. One big, fat, heavy book. To say that I am intimidated is an understatement. For any of you who are looking to read this book, just a heads up, it’s 700 pages.

It did not look like 700 pages from the picture on amazon. No it looked so innocent. It didn’t look like a monster of a book with tiny writings on all the pages, all 700 of them. I should read the product description really, I did not expect this. I am getting scared by the minute here.

George Elliot. I thought I read a book by George Elliot back when I was a student. A small thin book about animals having a political agenda, what’s it called? Yes Animal Farm. Oh google says it’s George Orwell, not Elliott. Can you tell how overwhelmed I am? 700 pages, wow!

The last time I read a book was “The Baby Book” by Dr. Sears. It was a big book too and I read it all. True it had cute drawings of babies, but I read it, from cover to cover.

So calm down, I can do this. Look at the bright side. It will give me more time to lose some weight.

Let’s start reading.

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