Book Update + a ‘George’ Dilemma

The book Middlemarch is not as bad as I thought it would be. It is structured in a way that makes it a bit less intimidating. It is segmented into 8 books, each one has around 100 pages give or take.

I am already almost done with book one and surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard a read as I thought. I thought because it was written a long long time ago (when was it written really?) it will be a boring read in the beginning and will take a long time for the story to really pick up. But no, Dorothea, the main character, had two suitors within the first 30 pages. Good for her.

This got me thinking. There are many things said in the book that still stands today and makes so much sense about the way society works. When was the book written? According to google, the book was first published in 1871-2. I knew it was written a long time ago just didn’t think it was that long. Thought it was in the 1900’s. But good for him for writing a book in the 1800’s that still resonates in the 2000’s. So the article goes on to say “…It is now widely regarded as her best works and one of the greatest novels written in English.”


Turns out George is not a George, but a Mary Ann Evans. George Eliot is just her pen name as she wanted her writings to be taken seriously, so she published them under a male pen name.

Speaking of George, here is one of the scenes that took place one very fine morning in our household that really tested my patience and sanity:

Me: This will be a great morning. Weather is amazing not too cold, come on let’s all go out and enjoy the weather. Wear your shoes and let’s go!

DD: Ufff there is something wrong with my socks. I hate socks! I wish they never invented socks! UFFF!

Dear son (DS): You’re George! HAHAHA

DD: I am not George! Stop it!

Me: Who’s George?

DS: Yes you are! Nanana you’re Geeoooorrggggeeee!


Me: (Deep Breath) Please calm down for a second and explain to me who George is.

DS: George is Peppa Pig’s baby brother and she is just like him haha!


Me: (Deep deep breath). You know George is the next King of England. So being a George is good. He is going to be King.

DD: I don’t care I am NOT George!

Me: Ok you’re not George now can you please just calm down and put your shoes on so we can leave.

DD: No! I want him to apologize and I want him to tell me I am not George.

Me: (Dear God give me strength). Dear dear son, can you please tell DD she is not George so we can go out already?

DS: Ok, you are not George.

Me: Thank you…

DS: But your baby Alexander wahahaha you’re a babbbyyy just like baby Alexander.

DD: This is the worst day of my life! (throwing away her shoes and stomping off to her room)

Shoot me. Shoot me now. The image that popped into my head is the picture I saw on Instagram the other day of a mom starting her day as Mary Poppins, and ending it as Cruella De Ville. The worst thing is, it was just 11 am!

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