Preserving Memories

My baby girl just turned one yesterday!

How fast time flies by! I can’t believe one year has passed since I went to the hospital that morning. It feels like it was just yesterday. Actually it feels like I just went to the hospital having my 7 year old girl. Where does the time go?

 I love keeping and preserving memories of my family. They grow up so fast and you just want to remember every detail. I kick myself now for not jotting down my kids first words, or the funny things they said. At that time, my sleep deprived mommy brain never thought of it. But now, I miss the days when my eldest two were babies.

 But I did one thing right. I took lots and lots of pictures. Living in a digital age all our pictures are either in our camera, phones, or computers. And I wanted to have something tangible I can hold and flip through. I found and absolutely loved it. It prints photobooks, calendars, cards, and more.

(Please note: I was not commissioned by Mixbook to write about them, actually they don’t even know I am writing this. I am just sharing a product I love out of personal experience).


I chose to do a family yearbook type of thing. First I categorized all my pictures into years, then in each year I put them into monthly files. Then I went to Mixbook and chose the ‘year in review’ photobooks. You can change the book shape if you like and add as many pages as you want. I usually choose the portrait size because my kids’ school yearbooks are of that size and they fit neatly together on our shelf. There are 12 themes to choose from, and you can even change the themes anytime you like and use as many as you want simultaneously.



The editing program they have is also very easy to use. I am not very tech savvy (maybe you can tell by the minimalistic look of my blog lol) but I found Mixbook very easy to use. You first upload the pictures, then choose a page layout, and drag the pictures you like the spaces for them. You can also edit the picture itself, zoom in and out, fix the brightness and many other things.

It took me a long time to finish one yearbook as I wanted to do it month by month. But there is an option for Mixbook to organize all of your pictures in one book themselves in a click of a button “Autofill”.

I loved it. My kids love to flip through it. And I can’t wait to start another one. Here is a glimpse of the final product. (obviously the nose and glasses are not from the album.)


20170310_224804 (2)20170310_22451020170310_22462120170310_224721

I know it says 2014. I have a lot of catching up to do. But hopefully I will get all our memories and yearbooks together. Because a day that past can never be relived again, only through carefully kept memories.

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