Making CVC Reading Fun!

Middlemarch update:

Just reached mid-book and I have to say something: till now I am not impressed.

 Maybe because the story still didn’t really start. There is no real story line yet, even though I read more than 300 pages. She is just introducing more and more people that live in the town of Middlemarch and keeps adding a lot of gentlemen with very long names that my mommy brain can’t keep up with. But I will stick to it and hopefully finish this brick of a book soon.


 As if you cant tell by know, I love reading. And my DD loves it too. It was very easy teaching her and she picked it up quickly. My DS, though, struggles a bit. It’s hard for me to get and keep his concentration for a while, especially if he views it as hard and gets a couple of mistakes, he just gives up.

 So I had to be creative. Found a wonderful game online and I knew instantly it will work with my son. Cant take credit for it though. The game is called ‘Race to the Pond’ by the very talented ‘The Measured Mom.’ ( ) As I didn’t have ink in my printer and was desperate, I drew it myself. I started out with the one in the picture above.

 Just CVC words with the ‘a’ sound to make it easy so he doesn’t get frustrated. The rules of the game is when you fall on a word, you read it, and if you read it right you go to the next spot. If you don’t you stay in your place. We used the dice and pieces from Monopoly and played it with DS and DD. He loved it! He loved it even more when he won the first time he played and his sister got angry. Now he always wants to play it. Thank you ‘the measured mom’, your idea is amazing!

 After just the ‘a’ sound was getting easy for him, I made this game. I put both the ‘a’ and ‘o’ sounds in one. I chose these sounds because they are so different from each other, so he doesn’t get confused and frustrated at first. He is getting so good that he took it to school to show it to his teacher and they all played it in class.


He is so proud. I am so proud.

Next we will add the ‘i’ sound. I also loved that I drew the game out because I can add words with letters that I know he has trouble with.


He is so excited that he is leveling up in the game.

Here’s to hoping that I can hopefully manage to instill a positive attitude towards reading, homework, and education in my kids.

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