Happy Mother’s Day!

To everyone who is celebrating on March 21st, Happy Mother’s Day!!

I love this day! Mostly because of the cute things the kids make for me at school. And also the celebration at my son’s kindergarten. He goes to grade 1 next year hopefully, so I will enjoy it to the max. Let me tell you more about my day.

 I slept last night past midnight. My one year old baby (DB) is still breastfeeding, sleeps with me in my room, and wakes up every two hours maybe. I don’t really know I lost count. So she woke up at 4:50, we went to the rocking chair, exhausted, trying to feed and rock her back to sleep. We both dozed off a bit, 5:30 she is wide awake. I usually wake up dear daughter (DD) and dear son (DS) at 6 am for school so that gives me half an hour. I brought DB in bed with me and gave her a water bottle to play with while I lied down next to her. I think I closed my eyes for a second and BAM, hit by the water bottle smack on my face. Why oh why didn’t I give her an empty one?

So got up, woke up my eldest two and got them ready for school. I stayed for the morning assembly of my DD as they were singing a song for Mothers Day. My DS’ celebration starts later on. Went back home, made me a quick breakfast, showered quickly, changed, did my hair and tried to put on a bit of makeup so I can look half decent in the photos.

Quick quick quick we are late as always. Dropped my baby at my mothers house and went quickly to school. Of course, DS was close to tears because I was “late” (they didn’t even start). So anyways after the performance (without any stuttering .. yaay) and a million selfies, went to my mom’s house again, dropped off DS and went to buy things we need (wipes, pampers and the whole lot) before it was pick up time for my DD. Then we all had lunch with my mother, and finally went back home.

I was exhausted and couldn’t think straight. One of the things my DS’ class did for mothers day was a coupon flower vase. Every flower is a coupon with a request written on it that you can use. One of them said: “Good for letting my mom sleep.” That must’ve been the best mothers day gift ever! Or so I thought.


I asked DS’ if I can use the coupon today and he said of course. My husband will take them to the park so I can sleep a bit. Hugs and kisses and I went to bed. I slept for a good 1 hour and a half maybe. I thought I would wake up refreshed. I thought I would wake up happy. I thought I would wake up ready to tackle the night time routine and all night feeding.

 I was very wrong. I woke up frazzled and scared. It took me awhile to register what time it was. It was kids dinner time. I ran down quickly and they are in the middle of having dinner. Everything was ok. No one was hurt and they all had fun. Then I was hit with this enormous feeling of guilt. I slept on mothers day. I didn’t spend it with my kids, I didn’t spend it my mom. I slept. And I cant seem to shake the guilt away.

After a bath, change, and bedtime story, kids went to sleep fairly quickly. It is now night time, the day is over, all three kids are asleep, and I feel terrible. I could’ve slept now when they were sleeping, I should’ve went with them to the park. What kind of mother sleeps on mothers day?! Now excuse me while I go kiss my kids again while they are sleeping. Maybe one will wake up and I can tell them how much I love them again before they nod off to sleep.

 Happy mothers day to all moms who feel guilty about having an hour’s sleep. Happy mothers day to all moms who are exhausted beyond belief. Happy mothers day to all moms who are trying their best. Happy mothers day to all you super moms out there. And even though at this moment I feel anything but a super mom, I hope my kids see my as one.

Good night.

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