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Summer is Over


Some of the moms in our mommy group actually don’t want summer to be over (gasp!) They complain about school drop offs and homework and afterschool activities .. Ohhh not me!

I couldn’t wait till the summer was done … I mean I love spending time with my kids and everything but being their main source of entertainment 24/7 was exhausting…

And that’s another main theme of this summer in particular: exhaustion!

What did I do you might ask?

I did not write one blog post all summer (hi .. miss me?) .. I didn’t read one sentence of any book let alone finish a page. I didn’t even go out on dinner dates with my husband because I was exhausted all the time!

I did though successfully entertain my kids (most of the time) .. stopped them from killing each other (they fight about every single thing) .. took them to swimming lessons (they can both dive in the deep now .. yay!) .. went to morning summer camp, rock climbing, indoor sky diving, a staycation, and so many other things I hope they cherish forever.

But again I was always tired .. all the time. Not normal tired, like hit by a bus tired. So I decided to do a blood test .. maybe my iron levels are low.

Results are in: congratulations! Your iron level is very good .. oh and your pregnant!

Wait .. what?!

How can I be pregnant? I am breastfeeding and I am on the mini pill. I didn’t skip a day and try to take it everyday at the same time. I didn’t even get my period since I gave birth.. how can I be pregnant?

Went to my gyno, she was laughing at how chocked I was. Apparently I was on antibiotics before summer starts and that makes the pill less effective.. especially if it’s the mini pill.

Wait .. come again? I was on antibiotics before summer started.

Yup, you guessed it. I was already 12 weeks pregnant. How can I not know!! It’s not like this is my first. I should’ve known. And I was taking the mini pill the entire time during my baby’s first trimester.. not folic acid, not multivitamins .. the mini pill.

I feel like the worst mom ever! Hope it doesn’t affect my baby. Now I have to wrap my head around having a newborn soon, while my one year old is still sleeping in my bed.


Wish me luck .. this is going to be a long year!

4 thoughts on “Summer is Over

  1. OH WOW!! Congrats!! I saw your post and thought how great it was that I was seeing a post from you! Then read it and it was even greater! Love how you spent your summer, cherish the memories!
    And Congrats again! If it was me that got that news I would have fainted in the Dr.s office! LOL! They would have had to carry me out. Considering that I have a 10th grader and a Senior this year, can’t imagine preparing for a newborn!! Though I do miss those baby cuddles!! 🙂
    Wishing you all the best ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! It was a huge shock .. told my dr. I’m not ready she said you have to be soon lol .. every baby is a blessing and i’m just praying for a healthy one. Cant wait till my kids are in highschool.. i can sleeep! Are they easier or harder as teens?

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  2. Sorry, just realized I hadn’t answered you. There are your hard times with all stages but I believe it boils down to.this. The younger stage is far more physically exhausting while the teen stage is pure mental exhaustion! But there are wonderful moments in each stage, cherish them and try not to worry! 🙂


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