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The Trial Book Review

Book: The Trial by Franz Kafka

#76 on the 100 greatest novels of all time.

Grade: F

What is the book about?

The book is about Joseph K, who was arrested for reasons unknown. The story follows the case, the “trial”, and finally the verdict.


You know when you write a looong text with a lot of details and explanations, send it off and the only reply you get back is: “k”

It is so annoying. . Isn’t it?

Now keep that feeling of annoyance in mind because that’s exactly how I feel reading this messed up “trial” about “k”.

How on earth can I relate to a character who is identified by one letter throughout the book?!

To me, the book had no point and no meaning. There was no real trial, most of the things that happened were hardly connected, and all the discussions were pointless.

I wouldn’t say I hated the book. Hate is too strong of a feeling for a book like this.

I was mainly just annoyed.

Just like recieving K as a text message, I was mostly annoyed with K, didn’t get the point of K, didn’t understand the logic behind K, didn’t care what happened to K, annoyed that my time was wasted by K, relieved to finally reach the end of K.

Off to the next book on the list! Hoping it will be a story I can follow, and maybe even enjoy.

Happy reading!

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