For My Kids · Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem

So I started this blog over 3 years ago, mostly to have an outlet for anything that comes to mind. It mostly follows updates from the 100 book reading challenge I took on (got to the 30 book mark so YAY!) and some snippets of parenting ideas and frustrations here and there.

BUT I did leave out a very big part of our lives. I started this blog anonymously for many reasons. One of the reasons is because I didn’t want the conversation on this blog to turn racial, political, or religious.

Because I started this blog to document things that I did not want to write down in a journal and lose, and that tends to happen a lot with 4 kids, I need now to document and share our journey in this Holy month of Ramadan.

First, let me introduce myself properly. I am a 36 year old Muslim mom of 4 from Bahrain.

And now that my older two are 10 and 8 years old, I really want them to value and understand our religion. And, sadly to say, as they understand English and the local dialect of Arabic much more than the traditional Arabic used in stories and novels, I have prepared for them these easy lessons that hopefully they will learn from.

They will be like bedtime stories for my older two almost every night in this Holy month of Ramadan. I will be using both our local Arabic dialect and English while story telling but will type them up here in English as I need them as a reference for when my younger 2 grow up, and maybe someone will read them and benefit/like them too.

So here goes, I will start a “For my kids” series about قصص الأنبياء , a story a night of God’s prophets and messengers that I know of.

Now of course, I am not a scholar, things might not be perfect and things might be missing. They might not be the same as the stories that you know of. I do not mean to offend or preach to anyone. All I want to do is teach my kids different lessons and values through these stories.

So please, I would like to ask anyone who would like to comment on any of the posts I write to keep it respectful.

Thank you and happy Ramadan.



Note: I am using the YouTube video’s of Sh. Nabeel AlAwadhi to help me with writing the stories. If anyone is interested they can be found on sobhanAllahChannel (videos are in Arabic)

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