For My Kids · Ramadan

For my Kids: The Story of Adam & Eve

We will start today with the story of Adam (peace be upon him), the father of the human race.

After creating the earth, skies, and world, Allah (God) decided to create man. He asked the angels to bring Him different types of sand from all over the earth, some white, some black, some yellow, and some red .. and this is how mankind started.

(Notice how the sand is all different colors? That’s how people are too and we need to always remember to respect all different colors as Allah (God) created us all equally and all colors/races come from the same father.)

Allah (God) then combined the sand with water and molded Adam from mud. When the mold was ready, Allah (God) started to blow soul into him starting from the top of his head.

As soon as Adam’s soul reached his eyes, he opened them and looked around at all the wonderful things in Heaven.

When Adam’s soul reached his nose, he sneezed. The angels asked him to say: ilhimdila. When he did they replied: yerhemek allah (translated as God bless you).

(We need to always remember to say ilhimdila after sneezing and yerhemek allah (God bless you) to others who sneeze.)

Then when his soul reached his tummy, he felt very hungry and tried to take a step towards the many delicious fruits he can see. But his soul still didn’t reach his legs and he stumbled forward.

(Notice how impatient Adam was? See it’s human nature to always be in a hurry. So it is ok if you can’t wait to get or do something but be careful not to be too impatient or you will stumble and fall just like Adam did.)

As soon as Adam’s soul entered his entire body, he walked around Heaven admiring everything around.

(Because Heaven is such an amazing place no one can even imagine how it looks like)

Then Allah (God) asked the angels to bow down to Adam out of respect to His creation. They all bowed down except for one: Iblees (Satan).

Allah (God) then asked him: Why didn’t you bow down when I asked you to?

Iblees (Satan) replied defiantly: I wouldn’t bow down to a man made from mud. For I am better than him, I am created from fire and he is created from mud.

(Just wanted to point out that all angels are created from light, except Iblees (Satan) was created from fire)

Allah (God) then kicked him out of heaven because he didn’t deserve to be there.

(This is the first time ever that Allah (God) was disobeyed by one of His creations. And what do you think the reason was? Was it because Iblees (Satan) didn’t believe in Allah (God)? No. He was a very good servant before. 

It was because of arrogance.

The first sin ever was because of arrogance and pride. Now by pride I don’t mean when you feel proud that you got an A on your test after studying hard. That is a good thing to be proud of your hard work.

By pride I mean when somebody thinks he is better than someone else for whatever reason. It may be race, money, sex or anything. Never be arrogant and never ever think you are above or better than anyone else.

Remember this was the reason for the first sin ever committed, and for Iblees (Satan) to be kicked out of heaven.)

Now after Iblees (Satan) was kicked out, he didn’t ask for forgiveness for what he did. For if he asked genuinely to be forgiven, Allah (God) would’ve absolutely done so.

But Iblees (Satan) did ask Allah (God) one thing: to stay alive till the end of time. He vowed to prove that man wasn’t all that perfect, and that he is indeed better than all of them. He defiantly told Allah (God) that he will show Him who mankind really are, and that he won’t relent till Hell is filled with all of his followers.

And do you know what Allah (God) said? Allah (God) promises that no matter what happens, that even if Iblees (Satan) led people astray, if man repents and asks for forgiveness, He will forgive them. And that is a promise.

(How cool is that? To have a promise from Allah (God) himself that no matter what, no matter how badly you messed up, if you honestly ask for forgiveness and wont do it again, Allah (God) will forgive you).

So going back to Adam .. he woke up the next day and saw a woman next to him. He asked her why was she created? She said لتسكن لي . The literal translation is “so you can live to me” but the general meaning is so you can have a companion/solace in life.

(Let’s stop for a sec and think about how Hawa (Eve) was created. She was created from Adam’s limbs. This is to show you that woman will always stand by and support man. It is also to say that woman are equal. She wasn’t created from his head (above) or his thighs/legs (under), she was created from his side. Men and women, side by side.)

So Adam and Hawa (Eve) lived happily in Heaven.

Allah (God) then told them: You can eat and roam around anywhere in Heaven, except that tree over there, do not go near it.

Iblees (Satan) saw his opportunity here and started scheming right away. He told Adam: Do you know why Allah (God) told you not to eat from that tree? It’s because whoever eats from that tree turns into an angel. Don’t you want to be an immortal angel living in Heaven forever?

Years pass and Adam didn’t go next to the tree even with Iblees (Satan) trying. Then Iblees (Satan) started a new way. He swore in Allah’s (God’s) name that what he was saying is true and that he only wants the best for Adam and his wife.

Adam now believed him and Iblees (Satan) happily showed them the way to the forbidden tree. Hawa (Eve) first had a bite then Adam ate one. As soon as they ate the fruit, their private parts developed and could be seen. Adam and Hawa (Eve) ran to find some leaves to cover themselves.

Allah (God) then asked them: Didn’t I warn you about this tree and about your enemy Iblees (Satan)?

Then Allah (God) ordered them to get out of Heaven and go down to earth. All 3 of them: Adam, Hawa (Eve) and Iblees (Satan).

Adam and Hawa (Eve) cried and asked Allah (God) for forgiveness. Of course, Allah being so full of mercy, forgave them.

And this is where it all started, the never ending battle: between good and evil, right and wrong, heaven and hell, Man vs. Satan.

Lessons we can take from this is:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes. Even prophets did so obviously so will you.
  2.  And it is OK! As long as you learn from your mistakes and ask for forgiveness, you will be forgiven.
  3. Iblees (Satan) made a promise infront of Allah (God) and all the angels that he is out to get mankind and his sole purpose is to drag them with him to hell.

So be careful of his whispers, but always remember that Allah (God) will forgive you if you do stumble. You just need to genuinely ask for forgiveness.

And above all else, always remember, Allah (God) cherishes and loves you!


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