For My Kids · Ramadan

For my Kids: The Story of Noah

After Adam passed away, and many years passed, Iblees (Satan) and his clan got their ways again. People started forgetting about Allah (God) and the ways of AlShaitan (Satan) took over.

So Allah (God) sent a Rasool (prophet) to teach them the good ways again: Noah (peace be upon him)

Noah went to his people and tried to help them. He tried to make them see and understand and believe in Allah (God) and get back to the righteous path. He told them that he is worried for them, that if they stay like this they will face bad things, for whoever follows Iblees (Satan) always loses in the end.

No one believed him. The most stubborn were the kings, princes, and rich who are so set in their ways. The only people who believed him were the very poor.

They told Noah: we see you as human just like any of us, and we only see the poor and insignificant follow you. So why should we? They asked him what he really wanted. Does he want money? They tried to buy him off.

Noah spent 950 years (yes 950) trying to teach his people, day and night, he never gave up.

They had a king who forbade his people to even listen to Noah. Whenever Noah talked, people would cover their ears or cover their faces and turn away.

Then his people jeered at him: For 950 years your telling us that if we live this way, that we will face consequences, that something “bad” will happen to us. Where are those consequences you claimed?

At this point, the doors of forgiveness in Heaven closed. And Allah (God) told Noah he can stop trying to convince people, because no one else will believe. Some say that between 30 and 80 people only followed him. And no one else will do anymore.

Then .. Allah (God) asked Noah to start doing a different thing. He asked him to build a ship .. a HUGE ship. So Noah dropped everything and straight away did what Allah (God) asked him to do.
People couldn’t believe it. “What are you thinking?!” they said. “Building a ship in the middle of the desert!” They called him crazy. Others said “What happened? You used to call us to the right ways and now you gave up everything .. and started building a ship on a land where no water can be seen!” They thought he lost it.

(So you see? It doesn’t matter what other people think or say about you. If you truly believe that you are doing the right thing, stick to it. Never change who you really are or what you believe the right thing to do is. It doesn’t matter if people think it is uncool or crazy. Stay true to yourself and never change.)

Then Allah (God) told Noah that there will be a sign. And when you see this sign, when you see water pouring out of the oven in your house instead of fire, tell the people who believe to be ready and get on the ship.

And take with you a male and female from all species of animals on earth with you on the ship. As God will kill and clean the earth from all evil doers and bad things.

The sign came, and Noah, his followers, and all the animals boarded the ship.

Everyone was laughing at the image. Why are you boarding a ship in the middle of a desert? And with animals too? You must’ve lost your mind.

Then Allah (God) describes that the skies opened and water came pouring down. The land ruptured and water came flooding up. Then.. in front of everyone, Noah’s arc began to float.

People started running around but no shelter can hide them. No amount of money can help them now. Now they will see Allah’s (God’s) strength and glory. Now they will see the consequences they laughed at.

While on the ship, Noah was looking around for his son. One of his sons was a non believer and did not board the arc with them. Noah saw his son running, his heart hurt for him and he pleaded with him one more time: Son, please come ride the ship with us.

His son replied: I will climb on a high mountain and be safe there. His father warned: no mountain can help you now .. there is no hiding today.

(See here Noah’s own son was not a believer. This shows you a very important point. If you believe in something, you can’t force other people to believe in the same thing. You can try to convince them, but you can never force anyone to believe in something they don’t. Noah’s own son didn’t believe in his message. His father didn’t beat him or forced him to go with him on the boat, he gave his son the choice. It’s the same with everyone in this world. Everyone has a choice, and no one has the right to force another person to do something they don’t want it or believe in.)

The entire world turned into a huge sea. No one knows how long Noah’s arc stayed roaming at sea. Till one day Noah saw a bird with a branch in his feet, and he knew that its a sign that the water is receding and the trees are showing again.

Then he saw the same bird with mud on his feet, and he knew that land is showing again from under all the water.

Noah’s arc finally docked on land. One by one the animals came down along with Noah and his followers, and they all built a new life on earth.

Lessons we take from this is:

  1.  You can never force anyone to do, think, or believe in anything they don’t want to. Noah’s son didn’t believe in his own father’s message and his dad didn’t beat him or force him to do so. 
  2.  You should do and stick to whatever you believe in and whatever your heart tells you is right .. no matter what others think or so. Even if someone thinks it’s uncool to do something that you really want to do, or thinks it’s cool to do something that you’re not comfortable in doing, always be true to yourself and do what you think is right.

And above all else, always remember that Allah (God) cherishes and loves you!


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