For My Kids · Ramadan

For my Kids: The Story of Hud

Today’s story is a short one but has a very powerful and important lesson. It is about Prophet Hud (pronounced Hoood), who was sent to the people of a clan called Aad (believed to be between today’s Yemen and Oman).

Aad were said to be very rich and powerful people. They had a very strong army and were feared from everyone around them. And they are a tribe who have, sadly, forgotten about Allah (God) and created statues as their gods instead.

Hud came from a good family within Aad that everyone respected. Everyone knew him really well. But when he asked his relatives and people to believe in Allah (God) and to remember what happened to Noah and his people .. they all laughed at him.

At first, just like they did to Noah, they asked him if he is doing this only to get money and tried to buy him off. Then they called him crazy, like almost every messenger and prophet after him.

After a while of Hud trying with them, they were bothered with him and threatened him. (Now remember these people were very powerful people. They were feared by the strongest army all around them. But was Hud scared? Not at all. Why?)

اني توكلت على الله

(This is the most important lesson in Hud’s story, to believe. When you truly believe and leave your fate within Allah’s (God’s) hands, what do you have to worry about? You did not leave your fate up to a human king or a prince or any other person, you are fully depending on the Greatest and most Merciful, the most powerful Allah (God), then why worry?

There is no despair with a true believer, because we know without a doubt that Allah (God) is with us. He will help us if we stumble, protect us if we are scared, and do what is best for us.

Imagine someone who is in the protection of a king or president,  he/she feels like nothing can touch them. When you fully believe that you are in the protection of the King of kings, why worry?

This is the secret ingredient, and the most powerful: faith .. belief. When you believe, when you have faith that you will get through, when you really believe, miracles can happen and you can do anything. When you know that Allah (God) and his angels are carrying you, taking care of you, how can you ever be afraid? Have faith, believe, and Allah (God) will see you through.)

And just like the people asked Noah before to bring on the “bad consequences”, so did Hud’s clan. They said: show us what you’ve been threatening us with if you are really saying the truth.

It all started with a drought. The drought lasted for 3 years. For a place that was so dependent on agriculture, it was devastating. They all went asking their gods and statues to send them rain and save them. They kept sacrificing things for their gods until one day, a booming voice came from the sky.

The voice asked them: Which type of cloud would you like? A white one, a red one, or a black one? They all said black because they knew a black cloud is full of rain.

Then they all rejoiced. They thought that their gods finally answered their pleas and they will finally be saved. Little did they know …

The big black cloud came and covered the sky. It came with strong freezing wind and none were spared, except for Hud and the people who believed. They all perished and there was nothing their gods could do for them now. As being mere statues, they too flew in the wind and crashed with all the rest.

Lessons to Remember:

  • Always believe, Allah (God) is your safety net. No matter what, always have faith and believe that Allah (God) will see you through. Leave everything in Allah’s (God’s) hands, for what better security do you need than the creator of the world, walking side by side with you. If you truly believe, you will never be lost.

And always remember, Allah (God) cherishes and loves you .. no matter what!


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