For My Kids · Ramadan

For my Kids: The Story of Saleh

Today’s story is another short one, but an interesting one because you can still see the land that Saleh (peace be upon him) lived in and the people’s houses still standing till this day.

Again, Iblees (Satan) and the sheyateen succeeded in steering people off track. People started forgetting Allah (God) and started worshipping other things.

So Allah (God) sent Saleh to remind them and bring them back to the right direction.

Like all prophet’s and messengers before and after him, he asked his people to first and foremost believe and worship Allah (God), the only god there is.

And like all prophets and messengers before him and after him, they laughed at him and called him crazy.

They said: What happened to you? You used to be such a wise and trustworthy man and now you are talking nonsense. Just like all the messengers before him, only the poor believed in him.

So one day all the powerful people asked the people who believed Saleh: Why did you believe? Did you see any proof?

Then they told Saleh: We need proof. We need to see something with our own eyes so we can believe.

They said: Ask your God to bring out a camel from this huge rock over there. And not any camel, but a camel who is pregnant with a baby in the 10th month.

Saleh then asked them: And if that happened, will you believe?

They said that they need to see the miracle with their own eyes then they will believe.

After Saleh prayed and asked Allah (God) for numerous days, the miracle finally came.

The big rock moved and shivered, and out of it came a magnificent camel. And just like they asked for, the camel was pregnant with a baby 10 months old.

Saleh said: There you go. This is the miracle you asked for. Do not let any harm come to this camel or its baby. Take care of it as it is a miracle from Allah (God).

Did they believe after seeing the very miracle they asked for? No.

(Just wanted to take a sec her to point out that you will meet a lot of people like these in your life. People who you would like to be sold on a certain idea for example, or people who you wish will accept you, or love you back. There are some people in life that even if you bring upon a miracle, it won’t move them.

There’s a saying in Arabic that says: Even if you give them the sun in one hand and the moon in the other, it won’t work. What I want you to remember is: don’t waste your time with these types of people. You are much better than that and deserve much more.)

So Allah (God) put them through a test to see if they really believed or no.

Saleh told his people: Look at this well we drink from. There has to be one day dedicated for only the camel to drink, and the next day we can drink, alternatively.

They said: How about the day dedicated for the camel, where we drink from then?

He said: From the milk of the camel. It will be satisfying and enough for all.

The people got angry. How dare he tell us what we can and can’t do? How dare he stop us from drinking from our own well?

Two women came forward, one with a lot of money and one who has beautiful girls. They said that they prepared a prize, plenty of money and beautiful girls to anyone who would kill the camel.

Two men stepped up and said that they will do it. Seven more said that they will help them. Now remember that they were the ones who asked for this miracle, they were the ones who asked for the camel and now they wanted to kill it.

They cornered the camel in between mountains and killed it with a bow to her neck. The camel made a deafening sound. Then they went to Saleh laughing and saying: we killed your precious camel. Now what? Show us what you can do or the consequences for our actions that you claim.

Saleh started to cry because he knew what will happen and what will become of them. He then told them: you have 3 days, at then end of each day the colors of your faces will change and darken, then “it’ will start.

True to his word, after each passing day, the colors of the people’s faces began to change. They became scared. Then the same 9 men got together and decided to kill Saleh and get rid of him once and for all.

They decided to kill him and his family in the middle of the night so no one will be able to see them. So they got together in front of his house while he was inside praying.

Just then, stones came down from the sky and striked them all and killed the 9 men.

The next morning, Allah (God) saved Saleh and all those who believed, and all the rest perished.

Lessons we take from this:

  1.  Allah (God) can do any miracle you can think of.
  2. There are people in this world that no matter what you do, even if you bring upon a miracle, they will never change their mind. Don’t waste your time on them.

And above all, always remember, Allah (God) loves you and cherishes you .. no matter what.

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