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For my Kids: The Story of Ibrahim (part 2)

Today we will continue Ibrahim’s, peace be upon him, story. Did you know that all 3 religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are called the Abrahamic religions, as in descending from Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Ibrahim is the forefather of most prophet’s and is a very important figure in our religion.

So after settling in Palestine, Ibrahim and his wife Sara decided to try to teach others about Allah (God). Lut stayed in Palestine while Ibrahim and his wife went to Egypt to try spread the righteous ways. Egypt, unfortunately, had a tyrant king.

This king used to take all the ladies in the land and force them to be with him for a while before releasing them to their husbands. He heard that a husband and wife newly came to their land so he ordered his guards to bring him this man’s wife by force.

The king’s guards came to Ibrahim’s house and took his wife Sara away by force. He stayed praying at home to Allah (God) to save his wife from the tyrant king. The guards took Sara into the King’s castle. She started praying to Allah (God) to save her.

She kept on praying while the King got closer and closer to her.. then the King fell down in his place paralyzed. He couldn’t move! He called out to her asking her: “Please ask your God to save me and I promise I will not come close to you ever again.” Sara asked Allah (god) to forgive him.

But as soon as the king could move again, he came close and jump on her. She prayed to Allah (god) again to help her out and again, the king got paralyzed in his place. Again the king asked Sara to ask her god to help him out and now he really promises that he wont touch her ever. Sara asked Allah (God) to forgive the king. And guess what happened? As soon as he could move again he pounced on her.

For the third time, Sara prayed to Allah (God) to save her. The king, for the third time, got paralyzed in his place. He, again, asked Sara to ask her god to help him and he promises he will let her go. Sara asked Allah (God) to forgive the king.

Then after the third time, when the king got his movement back, he asked the guards to take her out of his castle for she is crazy. The king did something else too. He gave Sara a gift. He gave her one of his lady servants called Hajar as a parting gift.

When Sara reached home, Ibrahim ran to her asking what happened. She said: “Allah (God) saved me” and told Ibrahim exactly what happened. After that, Ibrahim, Sara, and Hajar left Egypt and went back to Palestine.

After many years, Sara saw that Ibrahim is becoming older and he has no son. She suggested that Ibrahim takes Hajar as a wife, maybe she can bring him a son. Ibrahim married her and indeed she got pregnant and had his first son, Ismail.

After a bit, and after Sara saw how happy her husband was with his first son, she got jealous. Allah (God) then told Ibrahim that he should take his second wife, Hajar, and his newborn son and migrate to somewhere else.

The place Allah (God) ordered them to migrate to was in the middle of the desert, Mecca. Back then, no one lived there. There was no water no food no people not even animals around. It was an empty droughted land. When Ibrahim and Hajar and Ismail reached there, Ibrahim left them there, in the middle of the desert, turned around and walked away.

Hajar asked her husband, “Ibrahim, why are you leaving us here?”

He didn’t reply.

She asked again, “Ibrahim, why are you leaving us like this?”

He didn’t reply.

Then she asked him, “Did Allah (God) ask you to leave us here?”

He said yes.

She said, “then Allah (god) will take care of us.”

Ibrahim left his wife and newborn child alone in the middle of the desert and stood on top of a mountain and prayed to Allah (God) to take care of them. He went on his way to Palestine.

Hajar just had a bit of water and a bit of dates left from travelling. They both ran out quickly. Then her infant son started to cry from hunger. She didn’t know what to do. She ran on top of one hill (AlSafa) calling for help and looking around, then came back running to the next hill (AlMarwa) calling for help and looking around for something.. anything to help her out. She ran back and forth between these two hills seven times.

Then she heard a sound next to her baby son, she turned around and saw a shadow next to him. She ran to her son and saw Jibreel (Gabriel). He hit the earth with his wings and water started bubbling from the ground. Zamam water came pouring out.

Hajar gave the water to Ismail then drank some herself. Then Jibreel (Gabriel) asked her: “Who did Ibrahim leave you to?” She replied: “to Allah (God).”

He said: “Then Allah (God) will not leave you. He will take care of you. In this place, there will be a house that everyone will come to for praying to Allah (God). And this baby and his father will be the ones who will build it. So do not worry. Allah (God) will take care of you.”

Later, a caravan with Arab travelers from the south were passing close by. They saw birds hovering in the sky and knew there was water close by. They came to the spot and saw zamzam water and all things Hajar has. They asked her permission to stay there and she said yes. Mecca became an Arab city from then on.

After some years, Ismail grew up to be a young boy. His father Ibrahim came to him one day and told him: “Son, Allah (God) has ordered me to do something.”

Ismail asked: “What did Allah (God) ask you to do father?”

Ibrahim said: “To kill you.”

Ismail said: “Father, do what you are ordered and I will be right there with you.”

Ibrahim then put a stone on the ground and began sharpening the knife. Ismail said: “Father, please place my face to the ground away from you.” His father asked him why? Ismail said: “So you wont see my face and feel bad and back down.”

Ibrahim struck the knife to Ismail’s neck .. but it didn’t cut.

Ismail said: “Father, do it stronger.”

Ibrahim strikes his son’s neck again, but again the knife doesn’t cut.

Ibrahim passed the test. Allah (God) sent him a huge sheep from the sky to kill instead of his son.

To be continued …

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