For My Kids · Ramadan

For my Kids: The Story of Ibrahim (part 3)

Today we will continue Ibrahim’s (peace be upon him) story.

So remember Ibrahim has two wives, one living in Palestine (Sara) and one living in Mecca (Hajar) with her son (Ismail). Ibrahim moves between these two countries spreading the righteous word of Allah (God).

One day, while he was in Palestine with his first wife Sara, 3 strangers passed by his house. Ibrahim was known to be very hospitable. He invited three of them in though he thought it was surprising that there was no sign of traveling on them, as he never saw them in the country before. He killed one of his sheep for them and grilled it. After offering it to them, and after none of them ate even one bite, he took one step backwards, scared.

When they saw Ibrahim was scared, they told him: “Don’t be scared. We are not humans. We are Allah’s (God’s) angels. I am Jibreel (Gabriel) and this is Mikae’el (Michael) and this is Israfeel.”

Ibrahim replied: “Welcome. What brought you here?” They said he have come to punish Lut’s people (we will learn about Lut’s people later), but we came here to let you know the good news. Your wife Sara will be having a son soon.”

Sara was shy and said: “How can I have a baby when I am already an old lady?”

The angels told her that nothing is surprising if Allah (God) wants it to happen. They told her she will have a son called Is-haq (Isaac) and she will even see her grandson Yaqoub (Jacob).

Ibrahim then tried to convince the angels not to punish Lut’s people and asked them to give them some time maybe they will come around. The angels replied what is done is done. And left.

As years passed by, Ismail turned into a strong young man in Mecca.

His father came to him one day and told him that Allah (God) has asked him to build a house so people can come from all over the world and worship Allah (God) here. But as Ibrahim was getting older, he needs his help.

So they started. Ismail bringing rocks and bricks from all over the place and putting them next to his father, Ibrahim, while Ibrahim was setting the bricks one on top of the other, and building the most important place for any Muslim, the Ka’aba.

After almost finishing the entire thing, and there was only one brick left, Ismail was too tired and couldn’t lift even one more rock. His father told him to go rest. Then Jibreel (Gabriel), the head of the angels, came and asked Ibrahim if he needs anything. Ibrahim told him that he needs just one more rock to finish the Ka’aba. Jibreel (Gabriel) then said: “Here, take this rock. It is from jenna (heaven).” (they say the rock was white but turned black because of all the people’s sins.”

الكعبةالحجر الاسود

When they were done, Allah (God) asked Ibrahim to “athen” (call to the people). Ibrahim asked: “What should I call the people to?” Allah (God) told him to call the people to Hajj. So Ibrahim stood on top of a mountain and said: “People of the world, Allah (God) orders you to go to Hajj.”

(And until this day, people answer Ibrahim’s call once every year. People come from all over the world to Mecca for Hajj saying:

لبيك اللهم لبيك (translation: Here I come God responding to your call.)

People go running between the two hills, AlSafa and AlMarwa, just like Hajar did when she was looking for water for her infant son. And after they finish Hajj, they kill sheep just like Ibrahim did instead of his son.)

Ibrahim kept moving between Palestine and Mecca spreading the teachings of Allah (God). Then one day, Ibrahim asked Allah (God): “Can you show me how you bring the dead to life?”

Allah (God) replied: “Why? Don’t you believe?”

Ibrahim said: “I do, but just so my heart can be assured even more.”

Allah (God) told him to take four birds, kill them and cut them up. He told him to mix their parts up and place a bunch on the top of each mountain. Then Allah (god) told Ibrahim to stand far and call the birds to him.

Ibrahim called them and they came flying back to him, all four of the birds. All the different pieces came together from all the different mountains and the birds came to life right in front of Ibrahim’s eyes.

Ibrahim got old .. and his time came. Ibrahim died. He has a very special place in heaven as he is one of the most important prophets, the father of all Godly religions. It is said that all kids who pass away before their time stay with Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in heaven because of his big heart.

Lessons we take from this:

  1. Never worry if Allah is with you. Just like Allah rescued Ibrahim from the huge fire, and Sara from the evil king, and Hajar and Ismail in the middle of the desert, Allah will help you and see you though everything if you ask him. (وان سألك عبادي عني فاني قريب استجيب للداعي اذا دعاني) translation: (if people ask you about me i am close i give people their wishs if they ask me)
  2.  We have to go to Hajj once in our lifetime to answer Ibrahim’s call. When we go there we will do the same as Hajar did and we will kill a sheep and give the pieces to the poor just like Ibrahim did. 
  3. Allah is capable of doing everything and anything. Always believe that nothing is impossible to Allah. So never give up. Anything is possible with Allah by our side.

And above all else, Allah loves and cherishes you .. no matter what.


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