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For my Kids: The Stories of Ayoub (Job)

Been a while since I last posted .. between fasting and kids online classes and everything didnt find the time to type them up. But ilhimdila (thanks to God) I have kept up the kids storytelling every night before they sleep.

Todays and tomorrows stories are about patience.

Every story of messengers and prophets from Allah (God) have very important lessons and things we can learn from. Today we will hear a story where a prophet had so much patience, Ayoub (Job).

Ayoub is the epitome of patience and perseverance. In Arabic we have a saying whenever things get tough, we say “May Allah (God) grant me Ayoub’s patience.”

Ayoub is Is-haq (Isaac’s) grandson. He was a very rich man. He had large gardens and a lot of money. He had 14 children and his house were full of servants.

Then Ayoub got sick. He was bedridden and couldn’t move. Because of that he couldnt tend to his affairs and started losing his money.

Not only that but he lost his kids .. one by one all of them died.

Till he lost all his money, all the servants and his big house.

All he had left was his faithful wife and they lived in a small house.

Did he complain? Did he give up on life? No not at all .. he kept on praying and praising Allah (God) for what he has.

His wife asked him one day: “Why don’t you ask Allah (God) to lift this sickness from you?”

He said: “I was strong and healthy for 70 years, I can wait and be patient with this sickness for 70 more years.”

His wife stayed right by his side bringing food and helping him out. She became a servant herself so she can pay for the food.

Can you imagine? From owning land and a big house full of servants .. to being a servant yourself.

One day, she didnt have any money to buy food. All the houses she used to work for wouldnt let her in. They were worried she would infect them with what Ayoub has.

Without hesitation, she cut off her long hair and sold it to get some food back to her sick husband.

She went back to her husband with the food they needed. He asked her: “Where did you get this food from? I know that no one would let you inside their house to work.”

She replied: “Eat first then I will tell you.”

He said: “No walla (I swear) I won’t eat. First tell me what happened. How did you get this food?”

She said: “Please eat first. You are hungry and sick. Please eat so you can get your strength back.”

He replied: “No .. I won’t eat one bite till you tell me.”

She finally said: “I cut my hair and sold it” and she took off the cloth she was wearing on top of her head.

Here Ayoub turned to Allah (God) and said: Oh Allah (God) harm has come to me and you are the most merciful.

Look at that. With all respect. He wasn’t angry or blamed anyone. He didn’t even ask Allah anything. All he said was “you are the most merciful”. He knows how big and far Allah’s mercy is .. he didn’t have to say much.

Then one day, Ayoub’s two brothers came to visit him. Of course they stayed very far away and didnt come close. One brother said to the other, whispering: “Ayoub surely must’ve done something really bad for Allah (God) to punish him this way.”

Ayoub heard and felt really bad. He said, talking to Allah (God): “Oh Allah (God) I never slept with a full tummy if I knew that there was anyone hungry out there. And I never slept with two shirts on and knowing that there was someone in this world without clothes.”

Allah (God) believed him for he already knows, as he can see and hear everything.

One day, Allah (God) told him: “move your legs Ayoub.”

He tried and to his astonishment, they moved. His feet fell to the ground with a thud, and there was water coming out from under his feet where they hit the ground.

He washed his body with this water, and all the sickness went away. He drank from the water, and he became strong again. Not only that, but he turned into a strong young man again.

His wife came into his room looking for him in his bed and couldn’t find him. She panicked and went around looking for him.

She saw a young man and she asked him: “Did you see Ayoub Allah’s prophet?”

He laughed and said: “It’s me, I am Ayoub.”

She said: “Are you making fun of me?”

He said: “No wallah (I swear) it’s me. I am Ayoub.”

She saw the resemblance with the young man she married and she started crying, asking him how and what happened.

He said: “It is Allah (God) Almighty.”

Ayoub asked Allah to grant his wife too and she too turned into her beautiful young self again.

Allah (God) gave them kids who look just like their previous kids, and more.

Not only that, but he got his garden back, his house and all the servants again.

Not only that …

But it is said that gold used to fall around Ayoub’s garden just like locusts.

Ayoub was rewarded generously from the Almighty for his unravelling patience.

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