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For my Kids: The Story of Mousa (Moses – Part 1)

For today’s story, we will first go back to Yousif’s (Joseph’s) story. Remember how he became a powerful man in Egypt and called his father, Yaqoub (Jacob) and his entire family from Palestine to come live with him? Remember that Yaqoub had 12 sons, one of them Yousif?

Yaqoub and his kids and his grandkids and their grandkids all stayed in egypt for many years. Yaqoub is also called Israel. And Yaqoub’s descendants are called Bani Israel (the children of Israel).

So Bani Israel lived in Egypt. They were righteous people who believed in Allah (God).

Egypy at that time, was ruled by a very cruel hearted Pharoah. He told people that he was god and that his people are better than the rest. Unfortunately they treated Bani Israel very badly.

One day, Pharaoh woke up startled from a nightmare. He dreamt that a huge fire came out of Palestine and came to Egypt, burning everything except Bani Israel.

He asked what his dream meant and they told him: “Your end will be by the hands of a man from Bani Israel.”

Pharaoh was beside himself and ordered his guards to kill all the boys from Bani Israil. His people then asked: “But if you do that, who will be our servants?” So he decided to kill all the newborn boys from Bani Israel one year, and let them live the other.

In the year that the Pharaoh would kill all the newborn boys, the messenger we are talking about today, Mousa (Moses) was born.

Mousa’s mother was very worried. She didn’t want her son to be killed. Allah (God) told her to place her newborn son in a wooden box and put it in the river, and that Allah (God) will protect him.

Mousa’s mother was still very worried, but Allah (God) promised her that she will see him again soon and not to worry.

So Mousa’s mother placed her newborn baby in a wooden box, and the box in the river. The river, by Allah’s (God’s) command took the box straight into the Pharaoh’s castle.

When they saw that the box had a baby boy inside, the Pharaoh ordered the baby to be killed as he knew it was from Bani Israel. But the Pharaoh’s wife was a good lady. She asked for the baby to be given to her, that she will take care of it and maybe he will grow and be like a child to her.

The Pharaoh didn’t realize who was sent to him, it is the boy he was looking for, the boy who he killed all the rest for, it is his demise, Mousa (peace be upon him).

Mousa’s mom was very worried about her newborn son. She asked her oldest daughter to go and look what happened to him. Mousa’s sister found him in Pharaoh’s castle, refusing to drink milk from anyone.

Pharaoh’s wife was distressed, the baby was hungry and crying but wouldn’t drink milk. She couldn’t let him die. So she asked all the lactating ladies in the land to come, and whoever can feed the baby will get a big reward.

Mousa’s sister ran back home to tell her mother. Mousa’s mother stood in line with all the other lactating ladies. He heart wrenched when she saw her son crying and almost ran to him to pick him up. When her turn came, Mousa finally latched to his mother’s breast and drank a full tummy full.

Pharaoh’s wife asked her to stay in the castle too to help take care of the boy.

After some years, Mousa grew into a very strong young man. One day, he went out in the city.

He saw two men fighting, an Egyptian from Pharaoh’s men and a man from Bani Israel. The Egyptian was beating up the other man really badly, and he was calling out for help.

Mousa went to help out. He wanted to stop the fight and hit the other guy by mistake. With one hit, the Egyptian fell down .. dead.

The other guy from Bani Israel ran away scared. Mousa sat down asking Allah (God) for forgiveness as it was by mistake and he didnt mean to. All he wanted to do was stop the fight. Allah (God) accepted his apology and forgave him.

Everybody was looking for the culprit. This was a first. A man from Bani Israel to be killed is ok, it happens daily. But an Egyptian from the Pharaoh’s, how dare anyone! The culprit must be found.

The next day, Mousa was walking around town again. He saw the same Bani Israel guy that was being beaten up the day before, in another fight. This time, there was alot of people around. He asked Mousa for help.

Mousa told him: “Looks like you are a trouble maker.” He came closer to them. The guy thought that Mousa was coming for him, and knowing Mousa’s strength, he panicked.

He said: “Are you coming to kill me just like you killed that man yesterday?!”

Mousa froze. Now everyone knew it was him who killed the Egyptian the day before. What will they do to him?

To be continued  …

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