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For my Kids: The Story of Younis (Jonah)

Today we have another story that revolves around the patience theme, the story of Younis (Jonah) peace be upon him.

Younis lived in a city that we still have till this day, al mosul in Iraq. Even back then it was a big city with around 100,000 people living in it.

Younis started calling the people to the righteous way and teaching them about Allah (God). But no one believed. They all made fun of him.

Younis kept on trying to teach them for years and years, but no one believed, not one single person.

Allah (God) then told Younis that his people only have 3 days left to live, then judgment will come down on them.

Younis went quickly back to his people to warn them about the deadline and the 3 days they had left. But once again they jeered at him and made fun of him and laughed.

Younis got angry and left. He decided to leave the country by boat and go to another maybe then he can find other people that will believe. He let his anger and emotions get the better of him and he left without waiting till the end of these 3 days.

The boat Younis went on was very full. And at night time, waves came crashing around them. People started to cry: the boat will sink!

They threw all their things overboard, but still the boat was too heavy. They came to the realisation that people will have to sacrifice themselves and throw theirselves overboard and save the rest. But who?

So they decided to draw straws. The first time they drew it fell on Younis. Everybody agreed that he is a righteous man and shouldn’t be thrown overboard.

They went again and it again fell on younis. They decided to do it for the 3rd time. And again, for the 3rd time the draw fell on Younis.

Younis knew then that he was the chosen one. So he took off his clothes amd jumped in the cold dark waters. As soon as Younis jumped into the water, the waves ceased and the ship saved.

A whale then came and, by Allah’s (God’s) command, swallowed him whole. The whale didnt scratch him, brake his bone, or hurt him.

Younis thought he was dead but realized that he can walk around inside the whale’s tummy. The first thing he did was bow done to Allah (God) and said: I bow down to You in a place that no other human did.

Younis then heard a weird sound. Allah (God) told him that it is the sound of the whales thanking and praising Allah (God).

Everything around us prays and praises Allah .. we just dont understand what they are saying. Sobhan Allah

Younis realized that he was wrong in leaving and he should’ve been patient with his people and tried harder in these 3 days left. Younis asked Allah (God) for forgiveness, and of course, if you ask Allah (God) for forgiveness He will forgive you.

So Allah (God) ordered the whale to spit Younis out on an island. Younis’ skin was stuck to his bones and almost translucent from staying in the whales tummy for so long.

Allah (God) planted a big pumkin tree to shade him with its big leaves and protect him from the sun. He also ordered Younis to eat from the pumkin for its nutrients, and had a gazelle come up to Younis daily to drink from its milk.

After Younis got his strength back, Allah (God) ordered him to go back to his home country. Younis was surprised because of the 3 day deadline, he thought they were all dead by now.

Younis went back to his country and you know what he found? Every single person in this country now believes and worships Allah (God). All 100,000 of them.

Younis was angry and left hastily. He didnt realize that in just one day, people will get scared from the idea of judgment coming down on them, and that their hearts will become softer and will ask for Allah’s (God) forgiveness, and they all believed.

Lessons we take from this is:

Always have patience. Dont be too hasty. You will be rewarded for your patience and get what you waited for and believed in at the end.

And always remember, Allah (God) loves and cherishes you .. no matter what!

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