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Kids Book Review by Kids: “Franklin goes to School”

Book review by my beautiful 7 year old daughter. Unedited by me 🙂

Title: Franklin goes to School

Author: Paulette Bourgeois
Rating: 5 out of 5
What is this story about?

It’s about a boy called Franklin. One day before his first day of school, he was so excited. The next morning, he woke up early from bed and woke up his parents. He said: Come on let’s go to school it’s my first day. And then he ate some pancakes with ladybugs on them for breakfast. And he said his tummy feels like jumping butterflies. He was very worried about his first day of school. When he reached to school, Ms. Owl said good morning to the class. They had lots and lots of games. Franklin was soo happy. When they went home, Franklin sat in the back of the bus and he felt a bump, bump, bump. When his parents came, he didn’t even realize because he was so busy talking. And he loved school. The end.

Do you like the story? Why?

Yes, because I love my first day of school. I am a bit nervous for grade 3 but I love it.

Would you recommend this book to other kids?

Yes, for kids younger than 10.

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Kids Book Review by Kids: “I will not ever never eat a Tomato”

Book review by my 7 year old beautiful daughter.

Title: I will not ever never eat a Tomato

Author: Lauren Child

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

What is the story about?

It’s about a girl called Lola and her brother was tricking her into eating food because she was a very picky eater. So he gave her carrots and said they were orange twiglets but they don’t really exist. He did the same with all the other foods. Then she found the tomatoes. And then she said I want one of those moonsquirters but they were really tomatoes and she ate the tomatoes and liked them.

Why did you like the story?

I liked the story because I do not like tomatoes just like Lola, but I also do like all the other food she ate. I don’t need anybody to trick me to eat food, I will eat it if they dared me to. I tried a tomato and still didn’t like it, but I like all the other good foods.

Would you recommend it to other kids?

Yes, because it will teach them how to eat more food and they will get more energy by eating vegetables.

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Kids Book Review by Kids: “Too Shy for Show and Tell”

I don’t know if I said this before but my sisters are the ones who encouraged me to create my blog. And yesterday, they gave me a great idea. “Why don’t you review children’s books as well?” So I was thinking, who better to review children’s book than my own children? Thank you sis for a brilliant idea!

My dear daughter (DD) is so excited about my blog. She wants to always look at it and flips through the Instagram account for hours (I think she secretly counts how many pictures of her I posted vs how many pictures of her brother and baby sister lol). My dear son (DS), couldn’t care less honestly. So I told her my idea the other day and she was soooo excited, she told all her friends about it. Below, you will find her first review.

So here is how it will work. We will be doing this together on a weekly basis (or bi-weekly we will see how it goes). It will be all her: her choice of book, her rating, and her comments. I won’t edit it, just type it the way she says it (although she wants me to say that she is the one who typed the title and the author). The only thing that I will add to my DD’s book reviews, when needed, is a comment at the end if I believe that she rated the book unjustly (because its too boy-y or baby-y).

Title: Too Shy for Show and Tell

Author: Beth Bracken

Rating: 5 out of 5

What is the story about?

Sam was a shy boy. He does not talk a lot. He does not like show and tell because he does not like talking. On the day of show and tell, he lied at his teacher, he said he did not bring anything because he did not want to perform to the people. He thought: will he cry? Will he faint? Will he mess up his words? When it was his turn, he got up and did his show and tell. He did not cry, he did not faint and he did not mess up his words. The next time it was show and tell, Sam was not afraid or shy anymore.

 Why did you like the story?

I like the story because on the first day of school I did not talk just like Sam. But after the first week I was ok and started talking, and wasn’t afraid anymore just like Sam.

 Would you recommend it to other kids?

Yes! I love to read it before I sleep. (She actually has it memorized by heart).

There you go. My extremely intelligent girl’s first book review. If you have the time, please like the post (or Instagram picture) or comment. You will really make her day. Thank you!