Weight Loss

Conscious Eating

So as promised, after every book I will check my weight and see if I lost any.

 Old weight: 90 kgs

New weight: 88.5 kgs

 Total weight loss: 1.5 kgs

 I am actually happy with that. I didn’t think I will lose anything really. To everyone who wants to start a weight loss journey, the first thing you have to do is to be perfectly honest with yourself. So I stopped comparing myself with moms who bounced back after having a baby in just 2 or 3 months. I stopped comparing myself with photos of moms on social media. And I started being very honest with myself. What exactly did I want, and how is it that I can reach my goal in the most likely and possible way?

 Goal: I wanted to lose at least 10 kilos, more would be nice.

 How to do it:

I know that I did not want a crash diet. I know that I did not want a quick fix. I wanted a change in lifestyle and I knew I had to do it slowly. For some people, going cold turkey works. It works for them if they stop chocolates and junk food all at once and replace them with healthy food. For me, I know I will fail miserably if I did that. So I took it one step at a time.

 So my first step was: conscious eating.

 What is conscious eating? I found this article online that explains it beautifully:

Sitting in the crowded theater, with the trailers rolling, my seat suddenly started vibrating. After a moment I turned in search of the vibration’s source to discover a fidgeting young man tapping his foot against my seat. He caught my eye and stopped instantly. The movie began and so did the vibration. I turned, he stopped. We continued this dance throughout the movie. He was embarrassed each time I turned. The fact is, this poor guy had absolutely no idea he was tapping his foot against my seat. Because he was unconscious of his tapping foot, he had no means of stopping it.

 That exactly sums up what unconscious eating is. Just like this young man, I sometimes (ok maybe most times) eat unconsciously. Meaning: if you ask me what I had for breakfast, lunch, or dinner I can tell you exactly what I had. But if you ask me what I snacked on, what I had in the middle, what I had when I was agitated or angry or nervous or tired or worried or scared, my answer will be I don’t really know exactly.

 The article goes on to saying one of the most important lines I read:

“It is impossible to quit doing something unless you know you are doing it.”

 So my first step of getting my act together is: eating consciously. I was conscious about how many times I opened the fridge when I was frustrated and how many times I raided the pantry when I had a screaming baby who refused to sleep. I didn’t totally give up snacking, or chocolates, or the occasional fast food outing, the only difference now is that I was conscious about them. So I guess it worked. Because I knew exactly how many cookies I was eating, I didn’t have that much. Because I knew it’s the middle of the night and I was just frustrated and not hungry, I didn’t munch.

 All in all, I am happy. Looking at it this way, if I lose 1 kilo for every book I read, and I plan on reading 100 books, I will be in the negative. Now if only I can think what my next steps are. Wish me luck. 

Weight Loss

Mom Weight Struggles – So Embarrassing!

So while waiting for the book to get here I’ll just add one more very important thing to the above info about me. A very important detail that I may have purposefully left out, because I am ashamed.

Yes I am ashamed.

But maybe, if I put it out there, if I state it, see it in writing, acknowledge it to the world, maybe I will be ashamed enough to change it, just maybe.

See when I got married, 8 years and 3 kids ago, I weighed 55 kgs. For my height, my weight was perfect. I fit into a size 2. I even splurged on a True Religion jeans for my honeymoon, waist size 36.

8 years and 3 kids later, I am afraid, sad, and ashamed to say I am at 90 kilos. Yes you read it right. 90 kilos, as in 9 0 kilos. And yes, I have three beautiful angels to show for it, but NINETY kilos??

How did I get here one might ask. Well sometimes I’m just put into a situation that I am forced to eat. There are three cookies in the jar, two kids, so to avoid a complete melt down, I have to eat the third one. Have to.

So I was thinking, planning or wishing, hoping that I might go on a weight loss healthy journey along with tackling the list of books. Too much you think? Well maybe, maybe not we’ll see. I am planning to keep track of my weight after every book, and hopefully lose some by the end of this journey. Maybe if I am accountable to you guys, it will keep me on track. Who knows, I might even fit into my honeymoon jeans.

So anyways the kids have a week off from school for I don’t know what reason exactly, my seven year old dear daughter (DD) asks me for a snack for the millionth time (how did she ever stay in school all day with only one or two snacks? No idea!), and I say: “Stop thinking about food the whole time please. You’re just bored. You are not hungry. Let’s do something else. Want to play monopoly?”

I say that while I unconsciously grab another double chocolate cookie.

DD: “Mooom, then why do you get to eat all the time?”


“Yes you’re right honey. I’m sorry you’re absolutely correct. Let’s go play monopoly.” (Reluctantly putting the cookie down).

Wow. I should set an example for them. Should lead by example and not just by barking orders. Yes I should. That’s what I should do. (trying to ignore the newest addition of chocolate in the kitchen.)

Me: “Yes, I’ll be the cat.”

Ignore, mom. IGNORE.

DD: “Mooom its your turn.!!”

But it says Swiss chocolate on the cover. All the way from Switzerland.

“You landed on chance mom. I can read it for you: You ate too many sweets! Pay M2 to the Bank! Haha mom pay 2.”

Haha very funny ..